Decals Flashing Black and White

Well, it seems that all the decals, and the prop-details(The grass on the materials) are flashing Black and White in hammer Editor.

Ingame it looks fine, as well no compiling errors.

What I’m seeing:

Its only doing this on DetailProps, such as the grass, and decals.
As well, it only does this when thsi map is open in hammer Editor, any other map runs fine. Any help?

Actually in the first image, those are overlays, which are basically decals you can scale, rotate, or resize with. I’d rather use the normal decals unless it’s necessary to use an overlay instead. I get these in all my maps in hammer, but I figured it’s probably because of my computer specs.

i get it too works fine ingame though so i dont worry about it.

Set the viewport to “3D Textured Polygons” and it should render properly.

I was just about to post this.

:open_mouth: . i love you guys.

I knew they were overlays, I just wasn’t thinking, my bad good sir.

And that worked terrenteller. Thanks a ton, it was getting annoying to see flashing every few seconds. Thanks everyone.