I want to know how to make decals, I searched the map encyclopedia, but there are just the parameters we can use, I found no explanation on HOW to use them.

I tried to make a decal, it kind of worked, but what should be invisible is like only 25% invisible. When I made the decal in photoshop the invisible part was set as transparent.

But the result is not at my liking:

The VMT:

	"$basetexture" "*****************/*****/***********_decal"
	"$alphatest" "1"
	"$translucent" "1"
	"$decal" "1"
	"$decalscale" ".25"

By the way, what does alphatest mean? I just added it, but even changing it to 0 makes no diference.

" Flickering

Translucency can sometimes cause a material to flicker. Consider using $alphatest instead of $translucent when this happens. It drastically lowers quality, but will usually resolve the issue and is much faster to draw. "

That didin’t work :\

I did read somewhere about something called “alpha”, in some website about decals. But I don’t have a clue what to do. I’m not experienced with custom textures, I only know how to make custom materials and set their surface type.

check your tga file, probally got an alpha issue, remember solid black for transparent areas, solid white for opaque areas. You need to make a new channel for it too.

What’s a new channel? :S


I tried instead of a transparent background, a wite background. Didn’t work. Showed up the same… 25% invisible…


Just tried black, doesn’t work either.


Damn, it’s impossible to find a How-To Make Decals on google. I’m sick of searching. Maybe I’m typing the wrong keywords… :\

Just search in youtube, how to make transparent css sprays in photoshop. You follow the same principle by making an alpha layer.

Thanks! A Lot! This Helped: