decals_mod2x overriding all impact and blood textures suddenly

So around the 17th, whilst trying out a different set of blood decals, suddenly nothing of that sort works, with the blood3.vtf never actually working, only showing up as the default HL2 decal, whilst all others are grossly mis-proportioned, along with stripping all impact decals to HL2 default. I know for a fact that it has something to do with decals_mod2x, but I’m not sure what, as when I remove the materials mounting from gameinfo, it sticks around anyway and still messes things up. I’ve made a complete re-installation of G-mod, removing the original folder and reinstalling it, but this problem persists still.

Does putting -noaddons -noworkshop in the startup flags make the issue disappear?

I suppose it does, there does seem to be some mis-proportioned decals, but the sudden appearance of HL2 decals doesnt happen anymore. Guess I gotta sort through the addons downloaded around the 17th to see what fucked up or something

Alright, Finally found the problem addon, it happened to be a sourcemod port of Research and Development that gave the texture bug, it seems, thanks for the help narrowing it down, Code.