Decay broken in recent patch, or is rust intentionally not fun anymore?

I’m sure the devs don’t intend for people to play the game 24/7 in order to have a base. But in the current state of the game, I will log out, go to sleep, wake up and go to work, and by the time I’m home from work my stone base has decayed and has been either ransacked or is gone completely… I like the idea of unused bases getting decayed out of existence, definitely keep that. But we put hours into building this base, left it “unused” for a whole day and now it’s gone? You need to allow enough time for us players that can’t dedicate our lives 24/7 to maintaining a base, or we aren’t going to waste our precious gaming time just to have something that will disappear overnight and then we have to start over. I know my group and I won’t be playing rust anymore until this is changed, but we can’t be the only people with jobs. Are we doing something wrong, or is this what’s intended? PLEASE FIX THIS

- 6 hour delay
- 6 hour duration

- 18 hour delay
- 24 hour duration

- 18 hour delay
- 48 hour duration

Sheet metal
- 18 hour delay
- 72 hour duration

- 24 hour delay
- 120 hour duration

Really, we have more than enough time already.

Before the last thursday update decay was acting weird, I didnt played since. It didnt work as mentioned, my outer stone foundations lost within 10-15 hours around 250 health. This happened on a updated vanilla server.

Alot of players reported the same.