Decay changes?

I would really like it if my walls didnt start decaying 8 hours after I placed them

Yes, I read it in the devblog 99.1 (they couldn’t make it 100, but that 's another thing)

I’ve suggested on steam forum to make the 8 hour to 24 hours. So some people and solo players could have a normal live. But this game isn’t made for those players. If you’re playing this game, you’re clan members must be online every 8 hours. It’s insane, or you’ll need clan members from around the world. So everybody can have a normal live. But each period of 8 hours someone can be online.

Of course it’s probably 8 hours for thatch structures and more time for wood, stone and armored structures. But I don’t know the exact time frame anymore.

I’ve looked for it at

If these settings are recent, I must say, sorry for my reaction of me being such a great critic devs :stuck_out_tongue:

    6 Hour Delay
    6 Hour Duration 
    12 Hour Delay
    24 Hour Duration 
    18 Hour Delay
    48 Hour Duration 
Sheet Metal
    18 Hour Delay
    72 Hour Duration 
    24 hour Delay
    120 hour Duration