decay.decaytickrate = ?

Hi folks,

As I understand it, adjusting this number will cause the structures on your server to decay faster or slower than default. The default value is 300. I want to get more “bang for my buck” in terms of how long it takes before I have to wipe, so I want to make decaying FASTER. Which way would I adjust this number? I have it set to 200 right now because I feel like the number is “amount of seconds” or something like that. I feel a “tick” would happen in 200 seconds instead of 300, for example.

Anyone care to shed some light?


I think what you are assuming how it works is probably the case. I haven’t tested this on my server either but I think you are correct.

Thanks for the input.

The only reason I’m doubting myself is because apparently there are plugins which prevent decay entirely that set this to “1”.

Which would blow my theory wide open.