Decay idea

I think decay is neccessary, so that the server doesn´t suffer from cluttering up with unused buildings,
but right now the decay is really annoying. Once you finished your (big) base, parts of it already start to disappear.
I´d like to see a special box or store room attached to your base which holds all neccessary materials for
maintaining the base and a certain amount of material is needed per day depending how big your base is.
The material in this storage would be “consumed” by the base and if theres no material left, the base starts
to decay. What do you think?

I dont think you fully understand how the decaying works, do you ?
Anything that is build on a foundation counts as one building, the entire thing starts decaying after a couple of days.
But you can easily reset the timer by just simply opening a door, activating a campfire, opening a crate that is on the same foundation as your entire building.
So i call bullshit that parts of your base are already decayed when you havent even finished the base, unless you rarely play.
Otherwise it had to be raiders that destroyed parts of your base.

Yes, i didn´t really understand how decay works. If such simple things like activating a campfire or opening a door resets the timer, then my idea is bullshit.
I thought of this, because my 5x3x5 base was missing walls, stairs, spike walls and doors after coming back to the game after 3 or 4 realtime days.
Sorry for bothering