Decay in stone walls?

I built stone wall’s arround my base but the decay is terrible! I’m on vacations, so play, go to sleep 6 hours, come back and the wall’s have decay more than 25%!! Is this supposed to happend like this? I can’t expand the walls because I can’t afford repair them…

There is already a million discussions on this but basically I think it’s bugged. Highwalls use a health multiplier in the files and as far as I know they are the only item to do so and apparently decay is using that multiplier as well, hence they have 3X the health of a normal wall but lose 3x the health to decay, making them decay at the same % rate as foundations.

Solution is to play on a server with no decay until FP fixes their decay system.

With the HEWs as they currently are, it’s ridiculous to try to keep up with the repair, and thereby useless to try to use them as a real compound or base defense. The rate of decay is far too rapid, and the cost of repair far too high.

In my case, I have a quarry both in front and in the rear of my base. I have HEWs surrounding the quarries sealing them off from outside access with a couple of tool cupboards strategically places to prevent laddering. They’re only there to prevent opportunistic folks from sneaking away with the contents of my quarries while they’re running (we always empty our mining structures when offline). So I honestly don’t care if the walls decay away. It’s actually far less costly and time-consuming to actually let them rot away and then replace them with fresh ones.

If you put a compound wood wall on either side of a compound stone wall… will it still decay?

Why wouldn’t it?

Just curious if it decays if it’s “exposed” so to speak.

Sure does. Only thing preventing decay is that door thing on buildings and it doesn’t affect high walls.

I don’t use them, I was just wondering if sandwiching then would do anything. Thanks.

Nothing prevents the decay of HEWs. Not even if they’re placed near a door that’s regularly opened. And there’s no delay timer. They start decaying the second they’re put down and do so at a pretty ridiculous rate. A stone HEW will decay away within 4 days (real time).

There is a trick for to place a door in high wall and stop the dacay…

[quote=“Nero_ink, post:10, topic:211789”]

There is a trick for to place a door in high wall and stop the dacay…


It’s a nice trick for making an interesting gate. But it doesn’t prevent decay.

Apparently, it lets you use the door to reset decay like with your base.

Does it reset decay on all walls within a range or only what the doors are connected to?

No idea. I would guess it has the 40M range like the dev blog mentioned.

Tried it. Doesn’t work. At all.

Same. Logged in quickly when I was home for lunch and tried this. Did exactly as in the video, and the building part worked fine. Opened and closed the doors several times to verify. Within minutes, the test walls were losing HP.

Did you put a lock? The decay door thing specifically said the doors had to be locked.

I locked my test door. Decay still gonna decay.