Decay is coming back

I would love if decay made buildnings, look old. And get easier to break. I never liked the idea of stuff just disappearing.

It is there to keep the map from being filled with shit, but then maybe they need to look more at the core problem, rather than trying to band aid it.

Even though I thought it happened too quickly I always liked decay in Legacy. The best part, which many people have mentioned on here, was finding a decaying structure you could break into and sometimes find a big stash of items and resources. When playing solo I would often go on scavenging runs looking for old buildings.

the core problem is in the collider limit, which is built in the engine that Rust use. they cant easily change the engine, and there isnt a solution so far to make the game work with 270k colliders when the engine doesnt support 270k colliders. So a realistic solution is to remove some of the unused colliders.

oh that is great News! I was waiting for decay to return eagerly

That’s the goal, already artwork for structure aging here

Agreed. While Unity theoretically supports 270k colliders, the version of the PhysX engine (3.3 I believe) Unity 5 uses has an undocumented limit of something like 175k (pardon me if my numbers and versions are a bit off - just going form memory here and I’m old lol).

And realistically, in Rust, physics breaks down when we break the 150k collider limit. PhysX 3.4 apparently removes this limitation, but Unity don’t plan on incorporating it into their engine in the foreseeable future. And that leaves Facepunch in a bit of a bind.

So decay is the next best solution. And I agree with it. To have old, unused structures just laying around is a waste of colliders. On any busy server, you walk around and see dozens of abandoned, bases with large twig raid towers beside them. These unused structures will remain there indefinitely unless an admin removes them. And that’s a pretty monumental task for an admin. Decay is the solution for this.

That said, I hope they don’t go too heavy on decay. If you didn’t log into Legacy Rust for a couple of days, you’d come back to find your base completely decayed. I can understand why it was so harsh there as the collider limit was far lower with that version of Unity. I don’t know what the planned mechanics of it are now, but I hope it has more leeway than that and have the structures degrade over time based on what material they’re made of - like twig decaying within 24 hours (real time) and the stronger materials taking longer.

Decay seems pretty irreverent currently, with all of the server wipes. Seems like another issue to worry about for base defense, but I am sure it will not be a huge concern.


+1 for realism, +1 for server cleanup, +1 for added gameplay mechanics, +1 for enjoyability. Major wins all around.

Not everyone plays on popular high-pop servers (like Facepunch and Rustafied) that wipe every few days. And the reason those servers wipe so frequently is exactly because the 150k collider limit is reached very quickly and the physics engine breaks down. If there was decay, these servers would be able to stay up for longer periods of time between wipes. They’d likely still have to wipe every so often, but they would be able to stay up longer than 5 days.

The servers I play on tend to be low to medium population and only wipe when there are forced wipes. By the time we get to wipe, there are tons of abandoned structures all over the map that cause serious performance issues. Decay will fix issues on those servers completely.

I hate decay in Legacy because if you do not log in game for about 3 days… you’re base is gone…
Not practical when you play mostly on weekend :rolleyes:

I wish we will have something more like 5 days before it start is effect and at least a week before your base become rumble…

Agreed. The short decay times in Legacy were just too short. I can understand the reasoning behind it. The engine could only handle 64k colliders, and it didn’t take long to reach that limit. Rapid decay meant that you had to be an active player or your base would vanish.

In new Rust though, we have more leeway with the number of colliders. I’m hoping the decay doesn’t start setting in immediately and that it occurs more slowly.

Unity 5 has “no” collider limit; PhysX 3.3 has an undocumented 262k collider limit. Rust cacks out at around 160k colliders so there’s about 100,000 going missing somewhere.

Yeah, that’s the correct numbers. I blame age for failing memory of details like numbers. lol

I think that decay would be interesting. I have no need to wipe my server, since only my son and I play on it.

Our official servers have had well over 230k colliders without cacking out.

That’s the last I saw you say in the devblogs several weeks back, garry. Good to know progress’s been made there.

I ended up despising decay in Legacy as the game became a chore and I eventually quit playing because of it. But I also like to go outside, not play 24/7 and go on vacation :).

Hopefully it’s a new implementation that does not feel so much like doing laundry :). Maybe it could be a combination of idea’s like really slow decay along with a placing limit. As in every player only get’s so many tiles to place. If you want a super mega base you will need friends. Add a function so a player can destroy all of his twig placements and boom we start keeping this hell hole clean ourselves. You might need to bring back the removal tool though but maybe just make it cost resources to remove. Then make it noisy and slow and now we have something interesting.

Hmm, not a huge fan of decay. It makes sens though performance wise and all and it would really add something, graphically speaking. I just don’t like the idea that if I don’t play for a week my base will be gone to shit.
May be with the right tweaking it could be nice.

PS: my foundations are already losing “health” in dev branch but I don’t think the walls do.

I don’t understand why some people are saying that the decay in legacy killed it for them. You log in once a day and open and close a door on move on your foundation… Is it that hard?

I did it from when legacy was browser based up to the experimental branch. Never had my base decay, and I wasn’t on 24/7 like some of you make it seem you need to be for the decay to not take your base away.

I even took a few days break sometimes, log back in, my base is still there. Wow who would have thought?