Decay is literally bugged

Decay is currently critically bugged, and not at all operating by the rule-set outlined in the Devblog or patch notes. No matter what you think of the hypothetical changes to decay, the reality on the ground right now is that players are experiencing the amped up decay rates **without **the balancing element of doors granting 12+ hours of decay-free time. We’re having to live in the worst of both worlds right now, and it’s taking a brutal toll on everyone. Reports of door-refresh not working are consistent across many servers, and my own stone foundations took 200+ decay damage in less than 10 hours despite multiple locked doors having been toggled on them.

Please gary, for the sake of player villages, cave dwellers, and unusual cool structures, please prioritize making decay work as described in the devblog, or roll it back until you can figure out how to do so. Until then, we’re all stuck repairing our favorite buildings twice a day. Many of my friendly town’s coolest institutions like the sun-dial, community center, and gatehouses are made entirely from decay-first foundations, and could easily disappear if this mistake isn’t corrected. Our poor arenaalready has, even though I’d repaired it less than 12 prior.

#DecayDay is destroying some of the coolest things in rust, and I know you didn’t mean for it to be this way. Please, please fix this quickly.

haha its 12hrs rust time not rl time.

Maybe the servers didn’t update?

no, no it’s not…

Unless they goofed and coded that instead, that’d explain things

Fortunately, I think this was fixed a couple days ago:

It WAS [del]bugged[/del] incorrectly coded . It would seem that they mistakenly had twig decay for ALL tiers :confused:

There are a lot of reports that this was not fixed. Yes, they put out a fix. No, it is apparently not working correctly yet.

For example:

“This is confirmed, Decay is not working as posted by the Devs. I have timed the decay and on stone foundations all with at least 2 doors per foundation the decay is way faster then the stated 12 hours. When I logged on this morning I was at 300/500 on some of my foundations less then 8 hours after logging and opening and closing every door twice before I went to bed last night.”

“Yeah, the released patch didn’t fixed it at all.”

Woah… didn’t mean to offend you. I’ve had zero issues on my stone/armored foundations since they pushed the update. Sorry, thought it was fixed; however, at least they’re working on it! :smiley:

It is working, the patch works fine on the server we’re on.

You have to UPDATE the server, and restart it.

It is still not working. People did this and still not working.

We “had” 6x6x8 base. All foundations and first three floors were armored. We had a good home at sunday. Noone logged in this monday 1.09.2015 and as i was the first one to log in on tuesday i was shocked.
Our outer ring of foundations were all collapsed. On the second ring of foundations few were collapsed. This caused collapse of half base from top. Floors 5-8 had no walls what so ever. Some inner walls were there but without doors. Basically you’re fucked if you wont log in every day.

This all was in Official Rust Server, and NO we did not get raided.

Prior to the change, it made sense for the decay rate to be proportional to the number of exposed sides of a foundation. Because the overall rate was lower.

Now, the rate after the timer expires is so great, that even armored foundation corners are gone in 24 hours. This obviously self-perpetuates. It appears that the new decay rate “makes up for” the delay timer, and is simply too rapid.