Decay issue ?

I think I have issue with the decay on my server ?

Why only wall disappear ?

thanks in advance

Somebody stole them maybe :v:

its because wooden walls take the least amount of time to decay. If you were to wait a little longer, the ceilings would disappear, along with the pillars and the foundation. I personally don’t like it that houses decay no matter what. I think as long as you interact with your house (opening and closing doors), your house shouldn’t decay, or at least not nearly as fast. My walls are starting to decay and im getting paranoid thinking that someone busted into my house. Not fun.

Why don’t you simply repair them then?

2 days without playing is too quick :frowning:

Oh I have a job !!

Oh I go to the beach this week end !

then… gone !!

nice :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure there’s a timer that does just that - as long as you open a door on the building within a certain period of time, the house doesn’t start decaying.

there are plugins you can add to manage decay. Can turn it off completely or slow it down.

Admins can also use the console commands:


This exact mechanic is already in place…

Opening a door will reset the decay timer on anything that is on/attached to the foundation that the door is on.