Decay now crazy-bring back door linked decay

Any reason decay is so excessive now?

It seems like I need to whack off onto my foundations every day, and seeing as bringing a stone foundation back takes as much stone as building a new one, you basically need to replace your entire base every few days.

Much prefer the old style linked to door usage… if decay is designed to remove unused buildings, then have it so an opened door resets the timer. At the moment, it’s just punishing.

Flame me, you hammer lovers.

I totally agree. Decay is needed. And I’m not even against its rapid rate. The fact that an occupied base decays away from under you so damn fast is the problem. Linking to doors the way it was in Legacy would suit the requirements of decay to clean out abandoned structures while avoiding the useless hour of hammering we have to do every few days to prevent our shit from crumbling.

I’m still trying to figure out if decay is supposed to clear unused buildings or make us pay upkeep. If the purpose is clearing unused, it needs some massive tweaks because now it feels more like a building tax… due every few hours.

What if you don’t have doors?

lol rekt, son, you too good for doors.

Building a large compound is now almost impossible as a solo. Not because of building cost, but because of repairing cost. You need dozens of thousands od stones every 2 days, hours of hammering over and over. While large clan can switch, a differnet guy every time. the building tax is very high for solo players.

I’d agree. You simply can’t leave your base for a couple of days, not only because of fear of raiding, but it would have crumbled away! Either slow it down or bring back the old system

The decay is for both upkeep and getting rid of unused buildings. There comes a point and time in resource building that you just quit using stone. You focus more on crafting ammo, meds, raid supplies, whatever and your stone chest is sitting there completely full. Especially this week where quarries have become nearly 10x as important, I constantly find myself sitting on about 60k stone a day that I have to use to free up space. The decay is where it should be I think. However I do think admins should be granted the ability to set the decay to what it was like in Legacy.

The upkeep function sould be centralized into a maintenance shed or repair closet or something. Hammer repair isn’t the end of the world but it grates on me.

Must be flashbacks from the yellow-metal log cabing of early experimental…

I remember when they took over an hour to chop through, and wall placement didn’t snap so you could do double/triple layers of walls. Some cunt raided me and layered a double yellow wall outside my front door. Took forever to get out.

from what i can see, only the ‘outside’ ring of foundations in your base decay a time, right? so if you have a 3x3 base the middle piece wouldnt and the outside ones would.

i think door based decay doesn’t work great, because as soon as there is a hole in the base and there are any doors without locks chances are they are gonna get touched multiple times by passers by on populated servers.

some kind of grace period would be nice though, like having foundations only starting to decay a day after they are last hit with the hammer so its actually worth taking the time to repair that 1-2 damage on them just to turn it off for another 24hrs. and maybe something like people authorized on the tool cabinet can see how long is left until decay starts on blocks in the area.

This. You could increase the decay rate to compesate for the grace period and still have the same “clearance rate”. It would just mean that playing once per day wouldn’t equate to having your defenses at 50% during peak play.

Rapairing my base everyday its really borring and forcing players to play “hardcore” (loging every day) - rust shouldn’t be full time job. :stuck_out_tongue: I mean, its ok when i get raided when im offlinem but this decay is just too stronk.

How about not building huge bases?

My base isn’t big. No matter of size of base if u will be offline for 2 days then raiders will have to destroy only 50% HP of your foundations - and thats alot, your base is 2 times weaker.

Any server with decent population will have groups able to break into your base no matter what. A smaller base will mean less maintenance. Keeping a base more than 24 hours is rare.

I agree with the OP - Garry doesn’t seem to understand that not everyone can be online playing every hour of everyday, some people have lives, other stuff to do, holidays, etc, etc, etc…

I know it’s his baby, but he should understand the needs of the people playing it - i.e. we have an offline life too…

Maybe when u designed it. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you play solo and the server has not wiped blueprints for a couple of weeks, men with C4 will come. Your base design does not matter. This is if you play on a server with more than 20 players at peak though.

ofc everything is raidable, but if u loose home after first 24h then u probadling doing something wrong.