Decay on Spike Walls/Large Spike Walls

I’ve only been playing rust for a couple days (of play time) and i hadn’t heard of any decay on these, so i spent hours farming the wood to circle my base in 3 walls of these… and then less than 24 hours after i placed them, they were decaying.

i understand the need for decay, and think it is a good thing, however i think if there could be a “reset” of decay, like there is for buildings, that would be great. my thinking is that it could be run off the wooden gates, have the spike walls snap to the gates, and have a couple options for placement. IE: parallel, perpendicular, and at 45 degrees at least. that way you could make an actual circle. then have spike walls snap to other spike walls, and have the same options.

additionally, i’d love to have metal spike walls (i’m hoping they’re already in development)

or another solution would be that if there is a foundation with a door within X yards/meters, and that door opens/closes, it would reset decay that way too.

as it is, i’d spend all of my time in rust collecting wood, and doing upkeep on my spike walls if i want to go with that base style… and thats no fun at all.

and of course since my walls decayed… someone broke in, and walled me into my bedroom in my fort -_- lesson learned though, never leave a wall without something built in.

and sorry if this has been brought up before. but i read somewhere they were looking into someway to buff defense to be comparable with offense, and i think something like this would go a long way to balancing them.

someone could still get into my base with some determination, but it would hopefully cost more resources than it’d be worth.