Decay or destroyable pillars

Hi everyone ! I had an idea this morning against grief with pillar !

Why don’t add a decay or destroyable pillar but JUST when the pillar is not connected to a wall, a doorway etc …

With that, you can easily destroy pillar on middle of foundation and keep your home even if you are grief because it’s really not cool to build your home and few minutes after, a random dude put a pillar on the middle of your foundation/ceiling and force you to stop to build your house because now she can be easily raid …

What do you think about that ?

(Sorry for my medium english)

I agree, I accidentally placed a pillar between two other and now I cant put a wall there!!

I have to disagree. Pillars in the middle of foundations are great for raid proofing your house. It makes it so others cannot lay a foundation then pillars and lay building to either blow up your wall or jump in through the top and raid your base.

You need to be quick when setting up your base. Start with a 1x foundation base with a door and add on to it. This way when you add 3 or four more foundations walls and doors you are already protecting yourself against other players. Then when you have the mats and blue print replace your wood doors with metal doors staring with the interior doors and work your way out.