Decay:Source (WIP Map)

This is a work in progress of the first map in ‘half life decay’ using black mesa:source assets. I still currently have a lot of work still to do but just posting a short preview. I created another similar to this earlier in the past but looking at it now, it looks terrible and plain so thought i’d start over.

Anyway here’s a few pictures and let me know what you think:)

I fucking love the security desk area. Keep up the goodness.

You should turn off tooltips. but that map looks pretty skookum

Despite this, good work. You could almost make a Decay version of Black Mesa. You’d be making us cream our pants.

To be honest, this is superb work right here. No area feels to small or too large, everything is just right. Your brushwork is excellent too and detailing is spot on.

Only suggestion is to turn your graphics settings all the way up when taking screenshots.

Looks very, very good. It’s just like old GoldSrc maps ported to Source. Or better.