Decay speed should grow like function f(x) = x^2 or 2x or 1.6x

Dear developers,

I am very happy that decay is in game. But it’s not working well. No house is destroyed by decay, even wooden houses. Because its too slow.

I know that if you make decay faster it would be annoying for people. If it stay as slow as it is , it wont destroy anything.

Decay speed should grow like function 2x.
Lets say that every decay iteration takes 12h. So after 12h foundation loses 2hp. but in next iterations it loses more.


If you will repair foundation than decay speed reset to 2. Even if did not repaired to full HP.
HP taken by somebodies attack do not stack with decay counter.

Decay speed depends from kind of material that is used:
weak wood that has 5hp - just destroys after 12h - dies after first iteration
normal wood has 2x function - After about 3,5 days wooden foundation will be destroyed.
stone - 1.6x
metal - 1.3x - After about 7 days metal foundation will be destroyed.
armoured metal - 1.4

It takes time to find correct multiplier for every kind of foundation. I just evaluated multipliers.

This solution is very logic and natural. If item has small defect we can fix it very fast and easy without using many resources. But if we wont fix small defect it will start grown faster and faster.
That’s how it works when I wont fix my tooth or car :stuck_out_tongue: it becomes big problem.

This solution won’t be annoying for active players because repairing every day 4hp its not a problem.

Best Regards,