Decay System stinks to hell! We are Pissed.

Thank you.
Almost all buildings on our server are destroyed.
The decay system stink to hell. Sorry.
My whole community is pissed and had stopped playing Rust.
Why? Because after about 15-20 hours almost everything in the ass. Thanks a lot.

Do something !!! Greetings Admin Rhino - Lets play Rust community.

Sry… for my anger. We had a nice Server, with 3 weeks no-wipe.
And after the Update everything is gone!

----------------------> if u dont fix it soon, your game is gone.
you destroyed rust in one night… Quote: Pieper

Boohoo. Tell your players to read the dev logs and act/ build accordingly.

Rust is a game! And no fulltimejob, so be quit!
Not everbody can loging every 12 hours, …
And, its buged! We build yesterday evening a base, and today its almost gone… really nice.

Add extra rings of foundations then. 1 ring for every 12 hours you won’t be on, howz that?

Oh no! Something is going to destroy the whole game according to one random dude! That’s never happened before!

If I was able to rate your post, I would’ve rated dumb.

I’d say the times could use a little bit of tweaking.

6 Hour Delay => 2 Hour Delay
6 Hour Duration => 2 Hour Duration

12 Hour Delay => 48 Hour Delay
24 Hour Duration => 6 Hour Duration

12 Hour Delay => 72 Hour Delay
48 Hour Duration => 12 Hour Duration

Sheet Metal
12 Hour Delay => 96 Hour Delay
72 Hour Duration => 18 Hour Duration

24 hour Delay => 120 Hour Delay
120 hour Duration => 24 Hour Duration

I mean if you spend the resources for armor that shit should last. I’d personally rather have quick duration times and long delay rates.

Funny enough .Vel you can Rate other peoples post. Just tag Dumb for the whole community to see.

… yes I am dumb. I dont know what to answer. Bye

No, I can’t. You’re not able to rate until you get around 30 posts.

To be fair, whilst he didn’t type it out all that well (I’m assuming english is his native tongue) he does have a point. The timing at the moment seems a bit too harsh. I’d like to see them increased a little bit. The number of bases I’ve seen today on my server just melting away is insane. I get they want to keep the maps tidy of unused bases but not everyone has time to be on as much as the current decay rates require.

You have to think, not only do you have to log in but use up your stone to repair the base too. Not everyone has time to constantly log in and when they do, they don’t want to constantly be farming stone in the little time they have to rebuild a base they’ve already built.

I think somewhere between current rates and old rates would be good with a bit more fogiveness on the delay timers.

It kind of forces “group” intervention with the times.

IMO, with regard to twig, I think decay should start 24 hours after you build up from twig for all structures and reset with the door… the decay duration should start out slow and gradually increase.

Like maybe 1HP / hour for the first 12 hours, then 2HP / hour the next 12 hours and so on. When it reaches 50% of it’s original HP, then the HP decay doubles.

Delay WHY? So unrealistic :frowning:

because my house falls down everytime I go on holiday for a week. It’s a disaster…

This is why some type of “repair” option should be part of the tool cupboard. Stuff the TC full of resources and it keeps your base repaired after the decay kicks it.

Your base should be gone after a week. You do realize that decay is in place for exactly that reason? If everybody’s abandoned base lasted several weeks, the servers would be ridiculously laggy.

I TALKED ABOUT 20 HOUR REMOVAL from Patch last night!
Dont say i’m Dumb… if you are dumb.
I know much about Rust, more than you as an stupid 24/7 player!

Problem solved: decay.scale from 1 to 0 or maybee 0.5 or 0.3 … your decision

Greetz Rhino.

Im happy about the fact that decay is turned off on our server. At the moment it only forces casual players to quit playing rust. The basic idea is good, but the delay rates are to short. My opinion is, set delay time to 168 hours and decay rate to 1 hour. Casual players could keep their bases and the abandoned houses will disappear nevertheless .

yeah I was being snarky :stuck_out_tongue: I agree with decay, old abandonded bases need to be gone but I do think the current rates are a tad too strict for some players right now.

devs please patch it, it’s crap i just lost 50% of my two bases, we have jobs, school, real life we can’t be playing every 12 hrs there is time where 15-24hrs might pass until we are allow to play the game. last night i logged out at around 10pm and today i logged in at around 3pm and 50+% of both my bases were gone. decay happens way to fast i don’t want grind to rebuild my base every time i get online, that’s just saying it don’t get raided on top of the decay. come up with a different system cause this shit sux, i will quit until it’s patched since i already lost the best loot :(.