Decay Timer is unfair

I don’t like the decay timer, everytime I wake up and start the game my house disapeared. The game is about progress and there is none if you have to build your house new every day.

And about this server capacity thing, if the Devs need to make a stupid timed decay timer for houses so the servers don’t colaapse then the game just isn’t ready to be online yet. I really like the concept of the game, but you just HAVE to go online every few hours. At that rate people will become addicted and never stop playing in fear of losing their progress. The game shouldn’t be a second live completely, where you have to be around for your stuff to be safe, it’s not fun, rather a waste of time to make everything new each time you get time to play.

If the decay timer won’t be removed I will think about never playing the game again, it’s unfair, wooden houses in real life last longer than one day…

I know the timer is necessary for the servers not to lag, but if that’s the case the game is just not capable of being an online game, when the official servers are unable to hold all the memory.

If the decay is of such a big issue for you right now, maybe try out some of the modded servers that have lowered decay rate or even no decay… at least until the developers make changes to the current decay rate.

Friend me on Steam if interested in joining a server with no decay on :wink:

I agree, my server uses the decay rate plugin, people just havent got the time required with RL issues as well, kids, weekends, holidays, the missus, work, etc, etc…

MiiKay your welcome to join my server it is low population theough, needs more players…

Decay is crazy. I’ve looted so many houses that had almost broken or broken foundations and you could just get in.

I agree. Decay seems like it only serves to annoy players, not to mention it’s completely unrealistic.

not sure it can be considered “unfair” if it affects everyone equally on the server, but i figure you mean “unbalanced” or “extreme”. use a server that doesn’t have it active until it’s more balanced.

If you log in once a day and your foundation outer layer is at least stone you should be fine. I haven’t had an issue yet but I always put a perimeter of extra foundations around my main base so the walls etc stay intact. Built a quick base last night in an hour two by two inside but 4x4 outside so that’s the part that decays not the part holding the walls

He makes a good point.

I enjoy going “ghost towning” and there are still several modest wooden structures standing that were built between the 1880’s and 1920’s.

No reason for the decay rate on wood to be that fast.

And, a suggestion…

…it’s VERY cumbersome having to automatically start with twigs, then go through the whole structure again and upgrade everything.

Why not give us an OPTION to build in the stronger material from the beginning if we already have it in our inventory? In other words…if I’m about to build an all-stone structure, why do I need to build the ~100 pieces in TWIGS first, then go through and upgrade them all to stone? Why not just give us a toggle button or selector for build materials?

I have to agree with this, although i completely understand the need for it aswell. With tons of players logging in to servers each day, build a house. then never enter it again.

My main problem with the current function of decay, is that it`s active even when the player is online. You log in, repair all your shit. and if you have a lazy day and play for 5-6 hours. you can see that the health of your outher foundations have dropped alot, and most likely repair it again before logging off.

To fix this, the decay should not start until a player have been logged out for atleast 24 hours. ofc some ppl will exploit this, and logg in once a day on servers to keep their “backup” houses alive. But it will be a much better system then it currently is. this is my opinion on the subject atleast =)

I as a solo player enjoy to build very big bases, and having to burn trough resouces each day just to maintain it is not something i`m very happy about.

ps, go easy on my grammar. english is not my native tongue.