IS this right?

decay.deploy_maxhealth_sec 43200
decay.decaytickrate 300

-300hp every 12.5 hours?

Uuh… What?:pwn:

I think the tickrate effects the timer. Not sure about the other.

So a decaytickrate of 30 will take 10 times longer.

That makes sense but i guess both way work out.

if 43200 seconds = 12 hours
tick rate is 300

then dose 300 HP come off the Wood Wall every 12hours, we know they de-spawn after 5 days as standard so this would make the HP = 2700?

Mabe ill just make it 30 as it would increase life by X10 as “een” said

I’m really not sure how the maxhealth command works, and couldn’t find anything online, but the way I mentioned seems to work.

I get what you mean with the calculations though, it should make sense. I guess we need a better server command API with more descriptions on what things do.

yeah i just really confused myself and worked out 5 days = 432000 seconds which makes it 1000 seconds off what it says in-game. I’ll stick with the 30 tickrate for now.

Thanks :smiley: