Does anyone know if something has changed with structure decay? Last night I had been in/working on building my metal base and when I got up this morning 80% of it was gone. About an hour after I logged in, the remaining 20% deteriorated on me… It had only been 10-12 hours since I had accessed it last, and I had thought metal buildings take ~4 days to decay.

Does any one know why this might be happening, or if there’s anything I can do to stop it? I saw that rcon has commands for decay (decay.decaytickrate; and, decay.deploy_maxhealth_sec) but I’m not entirely sure how those work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

First. Check with your server admin to see what they have set for decay on the server. Second, did you repair your metal during any of this time?
As well, what area were you working on vs what areas decayed? Decay works from the top down.

I am the server admin :slight_smile: I hadn’t made any changes to decay, it was just on the default, which I thought was 24 hours on wood structures and 4 days on metal structures.

And no, I hadn’t repaired it, it was new when I went bed last night. It happened SO fast. Started building it last night, got off the game around midnight, and it had completely decayed on me by 10am this morning.

Edit: “As well, what area were you working on vs what areas decayed? Decay works from the top down.” – That’s the weird thing. It was the opposite. When I got on this morning, the foundations, lower walls, doors, windows, and window bars were all gone. Ramps, stairs and the top floor were still there. Top floor broke down on me about an hour later. There’s now nothing left.

Try just going into your cfg’s and look for decay true/false and adding the false

I wouldn’t suggest that if your have even a marginally busy server. Decay is the best tool for keeping your server clean… If decay is set to false then nothing will ever go away, and you will end up bogging down the server.

Always for the purpose of testing my friend. This case is apparent something is wrong and needs to be discovered, first. Then you can go back in and make small adjustments.

Where can I find that? The only thing I see in the .cfg file at the moment is “decay.decaytickrate” which is set to 300.

Go to your Server config an type in:
decay.decaytickrate 50 (or your value, your choice)
Normal value is 300, I changed it to 50.

You can also do this command in the console, if you type F1. But after a restart, you have to type it in again… so just save it in your config, on your panel.

Thanks, I’ll give this a try :slight_smile: