I rent a server.
Regarding the “decay”.
The “decay” is much too fast and the players leave because they do not meet their construction after a few days.

I found the following commands:

I do not understand the difference between these two commands.
You could explain that? Please

thank you

Enter the command in the console, press enter, Default value will show, adjust, see what happens.

Or disable decay.

Thank you but I can not disable the decay!

But the value … they match what?
And what is the difference between the two commands?

I had a server running legacy. Turned of decay using conditionloss.damagemultiplier “0.35”.

My base was still there after a few months inactivity.

I rent a server and I put “conditionloss.damagemultiplier” on “0”
But it’s not the “decay”

The “decay” is

You like what values?


Nobody can answer me please?

increase decay.deploy_maxhealth_sec.

86400 is 1 day
604800 is 1 week
2592000 is 30 days

thank you … yeees the mine is set to 50000
I’ll put on 30 days

And the second value it used for?

Thank you very much for your answer!

good luck with the lags foxtrott :stuck_out_tongue:
you shouldn’t go over 1week, else your server will lag like shit :stuck_out_tongue:

The number is the time in seconds.

86400 = 1 day (60s x 60m x 24h)
604800 = 1 week (60s x 60m x 24h x 7d)
2592000 = 1 month (60s x 60m x 24h x 30d)

ok I’ll try … we’ll see

ok thanks

and “decay.decaytickrate” command … it used for?
It’s just that the lower it is, the more it slowed down the game?

It does not work.
I put:
decay.deploy_maxhealth_sec 2592000
But after three days I have no home!