Firstival i’m not absolutelly sure if the decay on buildings is actually ingame but it seems to me like it is.

I’ve recently build myself a base in a cave on vanilla server, and to my surprise all the walls had pretty significant decay, even reinforced was like 1hp/hour

I think metal/reinforced or even stone shouln’t have a decay at all (you can imagine how obnoxious would be to have to go over each and every part of your base every time you log in, let alone in some cases u can’t even reach some parts of your base with a hammer)

Twig tier on the other hand should decay completelly in ~6 irl hours (imo) would help with server performance and also would be realistic

wooden tier should have some less significant decay ~72 irl hours?

Walls don’t decay. Only foundations do. And on top of that, only non landlocked foundations (outer foundations) decay.

Decay happens at a rate of 1 HP / 15 mins for every exposed side of a foundation. So a twig foundation (5 HP) not surrounded by other foundations will decay in 1H 15M. Every side of a foundation that’s blocked by another piece of foundation will have its decay rate slowed by 25% per side covered. So an average outer foundation with 2 sides covered will decay 50% slower. So a foundation surrounded on all sides by other foundation blocks will be slowed by 100%, so no decay at all.

So basically, your foundations will decay at a rate of 1 HP / hour. It’s not exactly like your base is falling apart under you.

Thanks for the info. Altho significant number of walls in my cave build definitelly had a decay

even if it is how u say it is, i think the higher tiers should not have a decay at all, its tiresome aswell as unrealistic.

If your walls are showing damage, then perhaps someone tried to blow into your base, because walls don’t decay.

At the standard decay rate, it takes 41 days for armoured foundations covered on 2 sides to decay completely. I’d hardly think that’s a problem if once a week you can’t run around and whack your outer foundations a few times to repair them. Just like a house in real life, you need maintenance or it will eventually fall apart.

Im not worried that it will fall apart but as u surely know theres aprox 60hp left on armored after using 3 c4’s thats where the individual hitpoints gain on importance

1000hp/41days leaves us with 24 dmg a day so in 72 days your foundation is at 928 and in a week at 832.Im just saying that this is unnecessary and i dont like it at all… i want all my foundations/whatever to be at perfect condition and i dont want to be forced to click on each every one of them every day just to achieve that.

Also if my house was out of reinforced metal i think it would hardly need any mainteanance or repairs on outer foundations.

The only time decay is really a problem IMO is if you have a water base or are building on a slow where part of the foundation is underground. Those can’t be repaired because you can’t swing your hammer under water and you can’t repair a piece you can’t see in the case of underground. Making the hammer work underwater would be an easy fix for one of those issues, but the underground part is still an issue.

Otherwise, I have no issues with decay. I think it’s a good idea as it clears the landscape (eventually) of abandoned structures which improves the overall performance of the server.

I am not sure this is totally true. My base has had walls and floors take what looks like decay damage, interestingly all the effected parts are partially clipping in to a rock.

Perhaps it’s a bug, as the only parts that should decay are foundations.

I did wonder if it was an anti base in side a rock measure

caretaker hype :rock:

Decay is kinda not relevant yet most time you get raided or wiped before an foundation loses 100 HP :stuck_out_tongue: