Decaying Objects

I just found out that many objects on the world, that are made of players, are decaying after time
I think this is an useless feature in this game and makes it only unnecessary difficult
I mean when i build an metal door, why should it decay after 2 days this makes no sense, only that i have to farm the stuff for the new door in this peroid of time.
The same effect is with the spike walls.
I fortified my house with dozens of them and in the wiki it says, that they are despawn after a unknown time
i farmed hours for that and the game says, that this whole work will just go away for no further reason?
I mean it is okay when someone can destroy the spike walls, but the fact, that they just disappear is the shit.
maybe it is because the game is in alpha and so the server wont get overfilled with this stuff but there has to be an other system to delete unused objects in the game. I just hate it when my things disappear for no reason.


Doors and walls Only decay if you don’t open/close them for a few days ( may be longer) but thay might still decay after a long time? I have a base which is over 2 weeks old which all the doors/walls are still ok ( apart from the ones destroyed by c4)

As for the spike walls YES they do decay very quickly —I have been told if you place them on a foundation they last longer but not tried this myself so really don’t know if it works.

Hope this helps?

this dont helps realy but it is very useful information
i think after the beta, when the servers are optimized objects shouldnt despwan that quickly, especially the spike walls, because they are so important in this game.
I could complain about many things in this game but this aspect is the one that pisses me of the most
i mean there has to be a chance for your house even if you are going on vacation and stuff like that
But thanks for the quick reply Danny123kid

Like it was said by Danny, if you’re active on your base closing/opening doors they wont decay, and yes spike walls stay longer if placed in a Foundation( Self Experience), also if you repair your spike walls( Drag wood to your belt and press the number while facing them), you will reset that decay timer, the same goes for the other objects.

The best way I found to defend my base was to place foundations as close as you can to your outside walls and the place as many pillars as you can and go as high as you can—it won’t protect your walls but should stop people building up .

I take it you use the spike walls to protect your walls?

ya i just saw peaple build sairs to get over the spikes
this is kinda shitty i dont like that either…
but i’m going on vacation the next time so my whole progress in rust is gone

thanks but somehow it dont works that much for me
maybe i’m doing something wrong

It stops the spamming so that everyone won’t place down useless infrastructure on the whole map. The decay on works if the player is inactive, so if you use the door to your crap house it will reset its decay timer. Though, the spike walls decay timer is too fast, so they need to adjust that.

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ya i just saw peaple build sairs to get over the spikes
this is kinda shitty i dont like that either…
but i’m going on vacation the next time so my whole progress in rust is gone

Do you play with mates on the same server? and do you trust them? if you do then get them to put a door on and they can open/close the door so your base will not decay?

i totally agree with you but objects should decay after a week maybe and should be more easy to repair

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I’m playing with an close friend but that means i always have to play when he is online and that dont makes sense to me

sorry what I ment was if you blow one of your doors ( the front door ) and then get your mate to put on a door all he has to do is open and close that door when your off line and your base will not decay.

ya but that means when i’m back again i have to blow his door up and just place mine or just play when he is playing so he opens the door for me and i thing both ideas are quite shitty

Well that’s really the only choice or let you base decay…

please remember this game is still alpha so I am sure things will change … I think there is talk about combination locks on doors. well whatever you do good luck to you.

Thanks mate :slight_smile:
but it was just a thing i wanted to just rant out
i hope the developers will change something of the mentioned things