December Update - News — Rust

This month I was finally able to remove two more of the various AI setups that we've had in Rust over the years. Now pretty much everything is running on one system. This meant I was able to remove a ton of code and prefabs - this is better for maintenance and long term development of the AI. There should also be some slight performance improvements.  

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Why did you choose to harm code raiding as a whole instead of making players and clans learn to build code raiding proof bases?
If this is per code lock its not even that effective on larger bases, and if its not on all code locks globally you can still code raid, its just a lot more annoying.

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Code raiding was never intended to be a game mechanic because their first attempt of a deterrent was the added shock damage to players (and subsequently increasing it), of course that’s nothing a dozen sleeping bags couldn’t solve
They clearly don’t want to completely remove the possibility of code raiding from the game (they could’ve made the timer an hour in that case), but it’s still left for the clinically insane to attempt

In any case, not sure why they would put the burden on players to take precautions over such a crazy raiding mechanic

these updates have been horrid ever since you stopped the weekly updates, i miss the old rust, please tell garry to work on rust again and fix all ur ape shit, ty.

Ty for bringing the updates every month to all of us to enjoy for a game that released in 2013!

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I was code raided for the first time in 6 years of playing rust. Good lesson to have various codes throughout.

Appreciate the incorrect code lockout.

The excavator would obviously not be used. It was clear to anyone with any understanding about what happens on these servers. Buffing it will only buff the Zerg’s who will now have unlimited resources a lot quicker.

Compound bow changes are silly. Again nurfing the solo players. Anyway, shouldn’t be too hard to unlock.

It’s definitely a challenge and pretty much impossible to really balance for the solo and large groups.

My only request is to reward time and effort somehow. Please give players meaningful trap and defense options against raids, because at this stage, it’s all about quick brute force.

It would be a lot more interesting if zergs were actually cautious about the surroundings of a players base. The bear traps, mines and internal shotgun traps are a joke now. Electricity is a bit better but should not be behind a scrap wall.

Thanks for the update nonetheless.

Wiping Blueprints again… You guys are pain in the ass…

Thanks Facepunch. More tuning, quality of life and loving care updates please!
The whole game benefits greatly from extra polish and care.

Great to see a solution for excavator and compound bows. Any change was good!

Was frustrated by the compound bow changes at first, but honestly I’m willing to live with it and see if it’s a good change, since I’ve heard a lot of solo/duos happy about it. I’m really happy to see the level 2 electrical parts made more accessible. I love patches that go back over underpowered stuff and make them more practical, so excavator, watchtowers, and NVG’s getting tweaked is nice. Thanks for the great patch, guys.

Overall some good steps in the right direction here. Very happy to see improvements to spectating players. Would be nice to see some fixes to recoil scripting soon though like for instance a the system that Apex Legends uses that makes a random bullet in your spray have random recoil, while the rest of the spray being stays predictable.

it was released in 2018 dud

Did you miss the part where they said Rust turns 8 on 12/11?
Count backwards… that’s 2013, dud

“Initial release date: December 11, 2013”
Full release yeah in Feb 2018. But it’s been in early access since 2013.

Because. As a solo you should have to farm up a ton of rockets and explo in order to offline attempt the huge clan that’s been roof camping you and constantly raiding you while you’re online. So other groups of people can come counter you easily.

I blame all the code raiding videos on YouTube…

man how long are you going to keep ignoring anti cheats? its getting frustrating already. every server i go there are cheaters. imagine getting triple headshot with one bullet with a revy.

I registered on your site only to say that blocking code raiding is the most disgusting thing that could be done. The clans, instead of putting different passwords on the door, just complained and bang the update. The block bow now needs to be studied, and if you study it on the workbench, then you need 75 more scrap to reach the first explosive - satchel or bean grenade. In addition, now the block bow has become not cost-effective in principle, since with full thrust from it you can make no more than 20 shots with full thrust. The complexity of its use makes the transition to the same revolver a much more interesting proposition and, in fact, the block bow becomes completely useless.

if you don’t want to be code raded then just put different passwords on the doors, is it so difficult? if someone does not set different passwords, then it is his fault, now it will be much more difficult and generally pointless to code raid clans with less than 300 played hours in the game