Decent and/or Minimal admin mod for Team Fortress Two?

I am looking for alternatives to SourceMod, Mani Admin Mod, or beetlesmod for team fortress two. It must be compatible with Linux, The reason I am switching is because SourceMod and Mani Admin make the servers map change take over 30 seconds. I am reinstalling to see if its actually the issue but I am fairly sure it is.

Nope, turns out its not SourceMod. Made a support ticket.

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I was going to post this in the Team Fortress Two section. But this section seemed more suitable. Find the right section if you are so smart.

You’re doing something wrong. I have a TF2 server with Sourcemod and it runs fine. You probably have mp_timelimit set to something ridiculous, or have the wrong version of metamod running.

How can a section for Garry’s Mod be the right section for Team Fortress Two?

This is why we need a server hosting section in the Valve Games and Mods section.

And just a note, it’s Team Fortress 2 not Team Fortress Two.