Decent animation tutorial for 3ds Max?

Sup guys,

What I really need is a good animation tutorial for 3ds max. Yes, I’ve googled and searched to my hearts content but have yet to really come across anything comprehensive. I’m using Max 9 right now, but the program formats are pretty much the same.


Here’s one:

But basically its all about setting ‘key frames’.
First choose a bone joint that you want to work on.
Go to frame 0 and press S
Then go to frame 24 and move/twist the bone the way you want - Then press S.
All 24 frames will now animate from frame 0 -> 24
All bone joints have their own timeline - so if you want to then animate another bone, you will then select that bone and create an animation for that body part sepreatly from all the others.
So basically gotta treat your model like a machine with all the different bones coming together working as one.