Decent Avatar Image

I know of the P.Avatar or whatever but it uses a 32x32. Is there some way for a bigger one or even perhaps a code to using a normal JPG instead of a TGA?

I remember you asking this question before, I cant wait to get an actual answer this time, though tbh, I don’t think it’s possible… D:

I got an idea with HTML but I doesn’t solve it cause the image doesn’t actually change the size, its the broswer that changes the size. And I am trying to use GetHTMLMaterial() but no luck so far…

Would something like this work for you?

function FindAvatar( ply )

local SteamID = ply:SteamID()
local CommunityID = SteamID:sub(11) * 2 + SteamID:sub(9, 9) + 1197960265728;

http.Get("" .. CommunityID .. "/?xml=1", "", function( c, s )		
	local XML = string.lower( c )
	local FindStart = string.lower( "<avatarFull>" )
	local StartTag = string.find( XML, FindStart )
	local FindEnd = string.lower( "</avatarFull>" )
	local EndTag = string.find( XML, FindEnd )
	print( string.sub( XML, StartTag + 21, EndTag - 12 ) .. "full.jpg" )


function TestAvatarFind( ply )
FindAvatar( ply )
concommand.Add( “find_avatar”, TestAvatarFind )

Output (When I use it):

Prefebly you would want it has a TGA image to display ingame, the quality is fine as long as you keep the size to the power of two.

I already tried that, thing is that the web broswer, when you change the size of it, doesn’t change the size of the picture, but the browser. So thing is like I ‘ALWAYS’ must make it say 64x64. Which is total BS…