Decent finished contraps that don't really deserve their own thread.

I’ve seen a lot of threads made for contraptions that don’t really warrant them, even if they aren’t all that bad.

Got something that is relatively :effort: that you still think someone may find interesting, or maybe that encompasses some neat concept that you just didn’t bother taking very far? Post it here, not in its own thread.

Here’s a 40something prop Cold War-style interceptor.

Wasn’t this thread pretty much made < back over there.
The one for nooby stuff and maybe questions and not so great contraptions

I got this sandrail

G-Furry, this is for shit you can’t be arsed making a thread for. Not for nooby stuff

I -guess there’s a difference then …
What’s with the wheels by the way

To get this thread going I’m posting this old boat i did. I hope i haven’t posted this yet. A qucik search of my threads tells me that i most likely haven’t, so here we go. It’s pretty crap.

We had 8-10 people in there watching War of the Servers while cruising around the map.

how the *** did you fit in the tunnel of that map?

Why did you quote the pictures?

It actually fits perfectly into the tunnel.
Also edit the [img into [img_thumb.

Seeing that train makes me want to come back to Tweaks server

I made my thread for those who needed help for their stuff or if they’re just starting out. Abuse may have used my idea for inspiration because he posted it 2 days after mine and the last section says “I don’t wanna make a thread for this” but I view this as an “intermediate” thread, not a noob one. I do fear of this thread being filled with horrible stuff (Sci-tech comes to mind) that should be in mine. The title says “Decent” btw.

This is a helicopter model my friend made and i made it fly

How the *** did you manage to think it was a good idea to quote that image?

What freespace is that?


Can it shoot while moving?

I lurv your heli, it looks so different yet good for some reason.

Also- -A fun tank of mine. A 60+ mph fun tank. Oh, also comes with monster truck suspension.

Yes it is like 0 props because it’s optimized for performance. Blang blang it out if you want to, but I want you to try it and see if it’s fun in multiplayer, chasing people and racecars down in a 20 tonne tank ;3

I made this sooo long ago by the way. I’d love to see somebody make a sexy body for how horrible it looks now with only an apc for the body xC -Please beautify her ugliness.

Ugly picture:

But it works so great. I’ll probably make a body later. But you’d like your own now wouldn’t cha

Made this steam engine train thing. Gave up on it after discovering that it was too long to handle a 45-degree curve.

Dude! bring it over to GRW server, they usually run on TrainWorld, ANYTHING can run on those curves!

I’ve thought about that, but I can’t find a download for Trainworld anywhere.