Decent finished contraps that don't really deserve their own thread.

A small jet plane I made a while back, didn’t really get it flying yet, and I don’t think I will.

Yes, bathtub cockpit. Trololo

I like tub cockpits…

I made a bus :buddy:

all wheels are powered

You lil’ idea stealer, you!
I said I was going to make a bus! :smiley:

Nice work, anyway. :slight_smile:

Don’t wanna let this thread die, so I guess I’ll post this:

Cool little jump pad with nice effects - based off of a halo jump pad thingy

Colour can be changed by colouring the e2 (square base) and it changes the hologram colours and thruster effect colours.

Needs a vid but those ‘squares’ move up and fade, then recycle once they are invis making a nice effect.

Jump force is easily changed

Thruster effect is easily removed. (personal pref ~%50 of ppl like it off and %50 like it on)

breadbox motor, 2 piston, swing type. generates between 10-30hp and something like 500 ft lbs. winston and i got this motor to propel a tank that i’ll be posting later to around 15mph w/ a 3 speed transmission.

in action:


f1 car, uses aerodynamics and shit, goes like 150mph (batshit fast)

Karbine, please tell us how you measure torque

My guess is hook it up to something heavy and see how fast it propels it.

i dunno, it’s an old chip of sestze’s that works like a dyno, applies resistance and calculates. i don’t know how accurate it really is.

Don’t wanna let this thread die so I’ll post this here: (Yes I know how to use img tags but i’m too lazy, click the links) oh ive crashet it

Some Tatra truk

oh ive crashet it

Tatra FTW :slight_smile: I’m thinking about making the fire truck from the Rammstien “benzin” video. Though technically that’s an “articulated hauler”

That’s a very nice tatra

I really need to post my ol’ Pirate Ship. I think i’ll do that. It’s decent, not pro. So this thread seems appropriate.

Ya, I should do a remake of this. This was made before Easy Precision or Smart Snap existed.

Messy Ford Capri. Took this screen in low res on low graphics. Bleh.

What map is that? I need something for ship poses.

Dear god, why would you EVER think that?! this is the “Decent finished contraps that don’t really deserve their own thread” thread, yours is a “it’s decent, not pro”. God oh god oh god, what were you EVER THINKING?!!!

Lol, no. Cool to see something uncommon, i see 99 billion trucks and dune buggies (though a tatra was pretty new lol :slight_smile: ). I like pirate ships…hard to model, but really cool.
Does it use the gcx pirate cannon? Interesting and fresh.

I make them, but it’s just for me. From a ship builder that looks bad, the bottom should be more curved, less blocky, and can feel the lag. It looks smart welded.

It’s actually the Counter-Strike: Source map de_port. I just threw it out into the water and started messing with sunbeams.

It actually uses the mortar from gcombat8.
See! That’s why i should remake this! I could add newer weapons and make it more realistic.

Yes it is quite blocky. I’ll have to find some nice curvy props to fix this, if you know of any that’d fit let me know. And depending on your PC, it may or may not lag in single player. But definitely lags in multi. Btw, it’s dumb welded, not smart welded. All by hand, fucking tedious. :stuck_out_tongue:

I use phx tiles and align them at 22.5 to 11.25 degrees to make the bottom. And my point is it’s not parented, it’s welded. I parent my ships.

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