Decent gamemode you want up?

I have a box that is paid for and I don’t have anything fun to put on it!
So, If you have a decent and fun gamemode which you would like to see up, please post here =)
You must have full rights to distribute it.
If it is your own, appropriate rights will be given if chosen to put up =)
If you’re developing a gamemode and need a test server/beta server, PM me and we’ll sort something out.

Why would you buy a box without anything to put on it?

Why would you question it?

I’m actually quite curious as well…

Because I can.

I have no clue why:

1- you have dumbs, seems like a very nice/genuine thing to do on your part.
2- have gold even though you only have 13 posts.
3- bought a dedicated box without having anything to put on it, but I assume it HAD a use and is now useless so you’re looking for a new use.

Either way, I heard a lot of people wish space build was back. I personally don’t play build servers, but that would probably make a bunch happy.

Whatever you pick, be aware that it will break often unless it’s updated regularly and most gamemodes that are updated regularly are already hosted on a bunch of servers. Maybe you’ll want to host a general build/fuck around server OR just a server for another game like CSS/TF2/etc. I’m sure a lot of people would appreciate having a stable permanent 24/7 home to whichever game it is they play. Maybe even Minecraft/Terraria.

Good luck!

Thanks Tickles, in reply:

  1. No idea either.
  2. Because I can and would support the forum.
  3. I initially and maintain the endeavour to bring a unique/fun gamemode to AUS which people will appreciate.

Why not start up a Vein server? Its a RP gamemode.

Ill post again with the link if you want me to.

Requires GMod 13.



Why not get a decent, fun vanilla Sandbox.


we need more people playing it :C

Apparently, the Radiation Sandbox code is somewhere or other, if that were to be dug up, would you perhaps be interested in running a server with that gamemode? I’m sure it’d be popular considering there are none up at the moment (to my knowledge), and when it was active it was rather popular.

There is the svn
If the OP puts it up, it would be quite awesome

Sorry, putting a flood up because AUS doesn’t have one :slight_smile:

I’m going to have a look at it, heard of it before but never used it. I have a spare box from collocation, wouldn’t mind putting this up.

The closest thing I can compare it to is Stalker Online, mainly due to the faction combat and anomalies. rp_apocalypse is a decent map for it, has enough space so that you aren’t constantly fighting, and a few good spots to house factions.

Excuse my taste in old, obscure gamemodes…

Underdone - Buggy as shit, but if you took the time to straighten it out and add new items and stuff, it has the potential to be pretty fun. There’s only one server to my knowledge that runs it.

Winter Survival - Older than the hills, but actually runs surprisingly well. I’ve been trying to add new models to make it less bland, correct Maw’s god awful grammar, and fix that god damn boat! I’ll send you what I have so far. The only server running this is going to go down soon due to hosting issues and I would really like to see it put back up.

Go Fish - Weird ass gamemode where you fish up gunships and stuff. I’ve only ever played it single player, but I’m imagining multiplayer would be pretty entertaining.

And lastly, Radioactive Sandbox - I’ve seen this and it actually looks amazing. Too bad I didn’t know about it before it died.

I would love to have either Rad Sandbox or Winter Survival up.