Decent Lego Character

I BEG anyone sole person to create a decent lego character. Below is a photo of one for those of you without a childhood…

Minus the guy in the black.

And if you think about it, if a ragdoll is finished, it could easily be skinned to look like someone/thing else.

Or any other thing you could think of…

If anyone chose to take up this, I feel it should follow all a lego persons points of articulation.

Pretty please with a cherry on top and sugar and spice and everything nice?

That would be cool :smiley: (also something i’ve wanted :P)

Edit: Damn all the existing models are not free ¬.¬ (If someone bought one I could try and port it, but seems pretty pointless tbh, also i’m bound to screw it up somehow @.@:wink:

How would it be ragdoll physics, if Lego people can only move their limbs on a certain axis?

BINGO :smiley:

If someone could filter that through Blender to a .obj I would be greatful (as I can’t figure out all that command line stuff).

Thats what Joint Constrains are for.

This sounds like a fun little project tbh, surprised it hasn’t already been done though?

It has, just not very good.

Hmm, I see, well, I might have a play around in max then, can’t be THAT hard surely!

You gonna try and model one from scratch?

Edit: Found a creepy looking Maya format Lego Minifig

Edit 2: These are slightly more useful:

Damn you still have to log in to get them >.<

yeah I am, everything out there seems really bad, the proportions are WAY off, not much point having a lego minifig if it doesn’t look like one.


Aaaand, almost done! it’s around 4000 polys. Before I go too much further though, what would people want, bendable limbs? or only realistic lego minifig movement? if the legs and arms bend then I need to make the geometry so it doesn’t get messed up when it twists and bends.

Awesome, cant wait for a release!

just edited it to update it, screwed up the face before, also render in more lego like colors

Fantastic ^^ It shouldn’t be too hard to give it actual minifig movement as long as all the parts are separate (if you could to the attaching bits on the arms, legs, hands and body, they could be done as gibs aswell ^^)

Oh ho ho

Is that going to be released as a model?

Cause im totally skinning and making that an NPC

I’m gonna skin it to make it look like my personal skin :stuck_out_tongue:

That is the best fucking LEGO model I’ve ever seen. Great job. What’s the UV map like? Is it easy to skin?

Woah dude, that’s an amazing Minifigure model!

That looks awesome dude, when do you plan on releasing?

Got back from a trip and I am in absolute shock how nice that looks. Is that just a good looking render or am seeing the real thing? I would prefer realistic movement, then people can make jokes about it.

“What is an elbow anyway? And why are we all yellow?” Bill Ding, Lego Island

when this is released i call the author of the panda skin

Thanks guys! Ok, well if he is to move like a real lego man then that makes my job a whole lot easier! Now I just have to figure out how constraints getting a custom rig into source from max works I suppose. I have no idea though, so this bit could take a while =/

BTW, shitfaced lego man anyone? :stuck_out_tongue: