Decent penis model

I’m looking for something like this but without the body :

It would be awesome to have those detached…
It’s amazing how there is NO single decent penis model out there
anywhere… =(

wow you have problems… Anyway have you looked on ?

Get out

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My only problem is smartasses who can’t provide a proper reply. Yeah, of course i’ve looked from I’m talking about “DECENT” penis models not some clumsy meat blocks…


Please, if you’re trying to insult me somehow you gotta do better than that.

Not insulting, Telling.

Get out.

You need to practise your approach a little;)

The guy requested a model, it doesn’t matter what it is, just help him if you can or don’t say shit. That is all.

Thank you buddy=) There really is no need to be an asswipe.

Why? For what possible use could you have for a 3d, disembodied dick… other than being a minge and using them for sex poses for your own sick mingey pleasure?

Oh dear lord… You’re reallly smart. But seriously, i’d appreaciate “the actual help” instead of sarcastic BS. Thanks!

C’mon guys, chill out. The insults I’m seeing are rather uncalled for.

Yes. I’ll agree that such a model would really only be used for sexposes. However, sexposes aren’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, getting a proper dick model would improve them as a whole, since they won’t be using that one dildo model, recolored to something resembling flesh.

Other heavily-modded games get by just fine with content like this. Look at Oblivion, which has multiple, competing nude mods for both genders. Not to mention one or two sex mods. Do they complain about it? No. The people who want it, use it, and the ones that don’t, don’t.

I’d do it, except I’m completely flooded at the moment.

Thanks for the first nice comment=). I really don’t understand what’s so “off” and “why” in sex poses especially IF and when they have quality and look good… Garbage is garbage but good quality smut is always fun.

this made me lawl

haters gunna hate


Yes, that’s something new.

No, seriously, why do you need it?

Do i really have to explain this???
Where do you usually put a penis hmm?

dude… whoa whoa whoa…

your avatar looks like a mecha penis
a very sad and limp mecha penis…

i should go to bed…

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You aint gonna get what you want by being a dick.

just ask someone to hack off the sexual organ.

No offence, but have you noticed the reply comments?
I think it’s someone else who’s been a dick. I just asked a very simple question and i get a fuckton of pretty idiotic replies…


I don’t really need homophobistic crap, teen angst or any kind of idiotism on this thread. I’ve asked pretty nicely for the possible models and i’m not seeking sarcastic nor childish naivety for in return. If you don’t have anything good to say and don’t know how to model/port stuff then shut up find a thread which suits your needs or age better=).

I thought being and “asking nicely” would be a good approach, clearly i was wrong. I’m kinda disappointed…