Decent Portal Turet NPC Or SNpc?

I Am Looking For A Mirror To A Decent Portal Turret NPC or SNpc.
Please Don’t Post Links To Garry’s Mod .org Because The Site Locked Me Out Of My Profile.

“Locked you out”? As far as I know you can’t get banned from downloading from, If you want support buy the game

I know an amazing Portal Turret SNPC, but from what I know, it’s only available on

Could you give a proper link to your Steam profile? The one underneath your name does not work. Would like to check if you have GMod, because the whole “well the website was locked out!” seems pretty fishy.


Fuck, I remember a thread like this once where we busted the OP at not owning GMod. Time to turn on the inspector part of the system between my ears.

Personally, I think it can’t be too much trouble to just re-use the NPC code for npc_portal_turret_floor from portal