Decent RP Servers

I’ve noticed the huge lack of good RP servers.

An example of a bad server:

  • 5 props for a prop limit
  • Doesn’t have wire.
  • Laggy
  • Kids screaming
  • RDMers
  • Half the tools are restricted.
    An example of a good server:
  • Decent Prop Limit (100 - 45.)
  • Atleast has wire.
  • Not-so-laggy
  • Adult-teen community
  • No RDMers.
  • Minimal tools restricted (ignite, elastic and explosive props are reasonable but really.)


  1. Join a serious server
  2. Learn about drama
  3. ???
  4. Profit

Stay off of Encyclopedia Dramatica
Stop trying to be funny, clearly anyone who laughs at your jokes has no soul.
stay away from 4chan

A good server has no phx or wire. /end

Uh, you mad?

Um, not to be mean but are you retarded just because you’re server dose not have either addons dose not mean that the server is not good plus all DarkDM servers suck. (Yes even modified ones)

But for good RP you want less minges. Minges want PHX + Wire.

No builders want PHX + Wire

Indeed, and that is the point, unless it is a buildrp server, both wire and phx are nearly useless.

And, in my oppinion, buildrp is more building than roleplaying.

MUST be added to the list of what a bad server has.


I said RP not Build dumbshit.

Uh to make this clear for your incoheraint brain.

Roleplayers -> Scripts With Nice Features (Its likely you’ll disagree but this is based on majority)
Builders -> PhX/Wire on a server with a big build map.

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Your going to have a huge box fort son.