Decent Sandbox servers?

I’ve been looking for some nice sandbox servers for a while now. I don’t care what addons are on it or what map it is, I just want a nice server.
Most of the servers seem so shitty and overloaded with dumb-ass players, I was hoping some of you guys might know a fun and decent server to play around a bit on.

with garrysmod, thats pretty hard. but one server i could recommend is aycerus, i dont know the ip but i know it has a grammar check, so that drives away most of the 9 year olds.

I think I have one favorited called Autobot Sandbox or something along those lines. I don’t have an IP because I’m at school, but the server is based somewhere in or near Arizona, probably Phoenix or Tuscon.

It has the fun, stupid mods I enjoy like SCars and PAC3. Not sure about more serious stuff, though I know it has wire. The admins seem competent.

Again, I’m telling you all this without an IP, so it’s kinda useless.

I plan on changing one of my servers to a sandbox soon. What would be some nice addons for sandbox?

Wire, ACF, FAS2/M9K, UWSVN, PAC, WAC, SProps, e2 extentions (nexus, propcore, etc.)…


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Chatprint. You wanna get the cores, you need this too or it’s not complete.
And it’s colorful, fancy for sandbox!

Oh, and get Starfall. One of the best lua sandboxes out there.

Pac3, Scars

Honestly, take M9K off the list of possibilities. I haven’t checked in a while, but as ping goes up, good gameplay experience goes down with it.

FA:S2 on the other hand is typically fine.

SCars is, while a lower poly count than all of the LWCars, TDMCars, _SpedCars, SGMCars, Senior’s 2014 Singray etc… SCars always seems to lag. Just stick with the SVNs from the cars above and you should be good.

SCars is awesome because you can customize it all. No idea if you can with the other cars.

You can modify the bodygroups. Add spoilers, lightbars, change bumpers, even modify them on your own with PAC.