Decent server hosts?

Alright so I run a 40 slot DarkRP server (inb4 dumb ratings), I’ve been with XenonServers for years, and it was fine until I upgraded to 40 slots, now whenever I get 35+ players (i.e. always during peak hours), gameplay becomes very laggy. I know people say DarkRPs networking is “bad” but as a Lua scripter myself I’ve looked at it and I don’t see how it could be any better (I know the current system was bad at first because it constantly used datastream, but that was changed ages ago). Looking further into it, using net_graph 5, the main problem seems to be the servers FPS, I have it set to 33 tick but with large numbers of players, the server FPS indicator is coloured red, and the number is usually between 2 and 5. I’m not quite sure how this can be improved using Lua, so any advice on that would also be helpful, however to me, a bad server FPS seems to suggest a low-performance box, or one with too many servers crammed onto it (correct me if I’m wrong here).

Now, I know XenonServers is renowned for being cheap (I pay $27.50 a month for 40 slots), and they’re not very helpful when it comes to DDoS attacks (we had a major one a couple of months ago and they just terminated our hosting, so we made a new account), fortunately they don’t seem to do that any more, but it makes you wonder what else could get your service terminated that isn’t your fault. We’ve stuck with them cause they were so cheap, but from selling “respected status” I’ve been making ~$200 a month in these last couple of months, which obviously means that cost is no longer going to be an issue. I would rather avoid renting a dedicated box as they are very expensive from what I can tell, and I’m not entirely confident in using one.

So, I was wondering if finding a better host would fix my issues with lag at 35+ players, and if so, what hosts are good for performance? (cost not really an issue)

DarkRP can be made tons better, what are you talking about.

anyway, it seems that Wire is taking up a lot of resources if you run that. i would recommend, they’re pretty expensive, but you get what you pay for

If you have the amount of money you say you should look at dedicated server with

They will also help you prevent DDoS attacks.

Tell me how, and I’ll do it. (I have SVN access)

Did you buy a dedicated core from xenon servers? If not there is most of your lag right there.

Your server is pretty much a virtual server on a machine running a bunch of other servers, I used to be with Xenon Servers and the quality was absolutely terrible. A few people I know have also had problems with their servers and support. You get what you pay for I guess.

If you have a few members of your community who are familiar with SRCDS then you might want to consider running it off of a dedicated server keeping in mind that you now need to do a lot of the things that the game server provider would usually take care of (fastdl, exploits.etc) I know you say that you want to avoid it but having a dedicated server opens up a lot of possibilities.

The problem isn’t really the gamemode. I’ve seen some pretty serious DarkRP servers that manage nicely. In all honesty, yours is like the fucking Wild West. You’ve got adminges who only money farm on top of inaccessible buildings, meanwhile the police force is made up entirely of 12 year olds who go around swinging the arrest baton widely, etc.

DarkRP is just a framework. No matter how many times I see it “customized” (meaning a few custom weapons and new HUD is added), it’s always the same. I’ve seen it reskinned to 1940’s RP, it’s still the same ordeal. DM. The problem is there is no rationality and self-preservation on a gamemode where you can respawn in 5 seconds. I’ve seen servers that will make you wait 5 minutes before respawning after getting killed. This makes people think more wisely. While yes, you still get RDM, but it’s more dangerous because people know if they shoot someone they can be killed by police and other people and have to wait.

There’s no way to really ensure proper RP unless you’ve got a whitelist set up.

Anyway, to answer your question about server hosting, get a dedicated box. If you’re pulling in $200+ a month, spend $80 to get a basic box, which handles more than what you need. However, don’t get too reliant on monthly donations. You’re appealing to an audience that only gets $10 a month in allowance, use it wisely.

I honestly have no idea how a few of those servers run DarkRP at 40-60 players without it being a lagfest.

Unless they remove all constraint tools, limit props to 20-30 per person and maybe no props for some people.

We run a DarkRP server with 50 max props for regular players, 100 max props for Supporters.
We run on an E3-1230 (HT Off) for EU and an E3-1270(HT On)/X5690 for US. Each SRCD host uses 1 core.
Both of these can only just manage around 34 players, after this your looking at around 350 props average, 200-300 welds (This is with adv dupe auto removing constraints and regular weld removal scripts) about 200 entities (keypads/wire ents/weapons/shipments). DarkRP servers running at high slots are general CPU whores…

Also - Speak to NFO Servers and explain you need a decent CPU when buying a VDS (VPS) from them. I know they had some new X5690 machines in NY last week, and DevNull shouldn’t affect any NFO servers.
Normally I’d never recommend a VDS/VPS for game servers but with NFO I’d recommend them any day. There stable, fast, handle drdos well and the support is amazing. Plus running the SRCD instance yourself gives much more flexibility.