Decent tropical vegetation?


Have worked on a few maps under the tropical/island theme and the most challenging thing doing it has to be the vegetation, because, there isn’t any. If someone were to make a pack of palms, ferns, and other plants for such a scene it would help a ton of mappers.

Thanks in advance.

I think there are several packs with palms and ferns. I don’t remember the pack names but I’ll try to find it.

Any success? The only plants/trees I could find on were not exactly what I needed, or taken from the foliage pack.

I could get the palm tree models from UT2004, but i cant get them ingame. They will just be the model and texture files. But im off soon, will have to do tomorrow.

Any help?

From UT2004? Yuck.

I would love to get you some from Crysis, but I don’t have it installed at the moment.

We need some decent tropical maps, something like Vietnam would be great…do some wannabe spoofs of FMJ (Full Metel Jacket to the squares…)

Couldn’t find any, sorry.

I tried getting textures from Crysis today and found out it was stupidly easy, and they look great in Source. Maybe I will try models or model textures next, but I’d need a lot of help on the models.

There was a vegetation pack from cs_jungle or something, try googling that.