Decent US Server Hosts

I’m looking for another decent game server host as my current disallows the upload of .dll files. What I’m looking for is pretty much 1$/slot or so, a free SQL server, must be on a the Windows platform, access to the /garrysmod dir. (Need to place a .dll out side of root), and FTP access(that one’s a given though). Thanks in advance.

They let you upload .dll files without a ticket, they’re $1.00 a slot and they give you FTP access. Hope this helps.

There is a base cost, but after that it is cheap as dirt.
You can get 50 slots for $30 a month.

They don’t allow the uploading of .dlls, well they have to install them for you.

Oh ya! It’s cheap as dirt if you need 50 slots… Not too mention from what I gather, their service hasn’t been as good as it used to. Support is great though, I will give them that.

They will upload DLL files by request, their support is quick and they are extremly friendly.

I have a 20 Slot Garry’s Mod and a Coal Tier Minecraft server from them. I have never had lag problems with ether servers. I can truly say they are the best server host I have had.

Well one, there site isn’t up, and two that’s what Xenon does, but they wouldn’t allow me to upload a dll because of a security issue.

Their site is up bro, and if you send them a DLL file they will upload it for you, and they have quick support. I don’t think you will find better servers either imo.

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Put it this way, they uploaded UnVac for me, I was suprised they accepted it.

This might help you a bit.

We allow .dll uploading, servers are .99/slot, and you can use the coupon code NEWTEAM to get 20% off right now.

I hope you run your servers on local users then. - We don’t allow distinct dll uploading, but we can install them for you and we also have a wide array of SQL modules (amongst other things) that can be installed via the mod installer.

We do indeed. Would not be very safe to allow it otherwise with the SendFile exploits in the Source engine.

Well with the Dll’s by request, that’s the issue with Xenon for me. They uploaded all my dlls but one, and they thought it was a security issue, so I don’t really know if someone else would decide it was dangerous as well.

Well, could, you know, tell us?

Also, lets you upload DLL files through the File Manager, but not through the FTP (DONT TELL THEM I THINK THIS IS A MISTAKE)

Lets me know my server is secure.

Seriously I love Xenon and think its one of the best Server hosting companies out there for Gmod.
although over the years (I’ve been a customer for about 2 years) their support has gone to shit.

If you wanna see one in action here is one of them I own. (Gmod)

Oh there’s nothing wrong with Xenon, they just wouldn’t let me use a vital resource for my game, nothing more nothing less. really sucks, don’t rent from them. I really regret choosing them.

It depends on what you want, support or quality hosting. Xenon’s support is great, their pings are mediocre at best and they’re overpriced because they know they will get customers from people like you (no offence). I post this from experience. I have 85 latency on Redspeedservers and I had around 135 or more on Xenon. To sum up my experiences, I have made a pros and cons list.


Pros - Good Support, they usually respond within a couple of days or sometimes within the same day. They also have some pretty cool features in the control panel along with more mods to install.
Cons - Over-rated. The first thing someone will tell you is to goto Xenon when asking for a host. These people usually haven’t tried any other good hosts (not blaming them, switching is a bitch). Their pings weren’t anything great either and would actually lag me and others at times. They also cost a shitload of money per month last time I checked.


Pros - Absolutely great pings and it isn’t the first thing a person will recommend to you. They also have a really quick FTP and will generally let you upload anything you need to. They’re cheaper than Xenon too.
Cons - Not the best support, but not the worst either. Their support generally gets the job done within a few days though. They don’t have as many fancy mods to install as Xenon.

Its a such thing called opinions… shut up and just refer the guy to some decent us hosts sheesh… -.-

So you’re telling me that a shitty GSP gets a bad review and that’s “just an opinion”? Doubt it.