Deception Revamped - ported, revamped and better than ever!

What is Deception, you may ask? Well, think 2 Agents from the game ‘Hitman’ have each other on their target list as well as a VIP.
Except for the fact that they don’t know who’s who, and have to figure it out.

The VIP’s objective is to survive the round by either killing the Agents or waiting out the round.
Everyone else remains a Civilian, who are sworn to protect the VIP.

To get clues as an Agent, you can do numerous things - buy help from the Agency, pick-pocket players for clues, examine them.
To examine a player, all you have to do is get close enough to him, press your spawn menu key and just make sure he remains in your view area.
As soon as the examination is complete, he will be marked as unarmed/suspicious/armed, based on the amount of stuff he is carrying.
Agents get a boost in examining people, everyone else is able to buy a ‘manual’ and therefore get the boost for one round.

Agents are also much more experienced with firearms than the VIP and the Civilians are. (less recoil, less spread)

As the VIP, well, you can observe people’s actions, how they react to things, and then choose to whether trust or not that person.

Upon round start, the VIP gets a VIP ID card, which he can show to people to ensure them that he is the VIP and have them as his bodyguards.
Agents can buy forged VIP ID cards, which they can use the same way the VIP does, but to cause confusion and to make people believe that he is
the VIP. However, the forgery can be noticed by an opposing Agent and the VIP, which will automatically mark the impostor as an Agent on their

If a massive massacre ensues, and there are a lot of civilian casualties, then the VIP will be able to call in the Bodyguards.
Bodyguards are chosen from dead players with the highest Karma.
The gear they get is a FN Five-seveN as well as a body vest.
Their objective is simple - find the VIP and protect him.

But alas, it would take me a wall of text to detail everything and I just wanted to state the basics of the gamemode.


  • Random player selection for Agents/VIPs (essential for a gamemode like this)
  • Round system (same as above)
  • Various ways of tricking people as an Agent
  • Various gadgets for Agents to use
  • Money system (nothing special, really)
  • Agents can pick-pocket people to find clues
  • VIPs can call in Bodyguards after 4 Civilian bodies are found
  • Buyable hints for Agents (a la Hitman: Blood Money)
  • Uses my “Customizable Weaponry” (without the attachments part) for the firearms
  • 3 armor vest types that protect only the torso of a player
  • Karma system (similar to TTT, I think?)
  • Dead body examination (similar to TTT)
  • Map voting system
  • Pain sounds
  • Limited, slow health regeneration
  • Mail system for supported maps
  • Stamina system
  • Drowning (that’s right, players can drown!)
  • Low ledge-grabbing system to help overcome low obstacles (such as walls)
  • Players can unload weapons that are lying on the floor
  • Tips when dead
  • Ghost mode when dead
  • Ability to break glass without having to use a weapon
  • Push around props and play spooky sounds as a spectator to keep yourself entertained
  • Buyable radios which allow for long-range communication and the use of a voice chat menu
  • 3 round types (Classic, Collective Assassination, Agent Overkill)
  • C4 explosive (one of the many Agent-exclusive items!)
  • Bodyguards

Click the following pictures to enlarge them.

The new buy menu - I focused on it being compact, easy to use and not take up much space.

The newly-added summary of the gamemode screen when you first spawn. Consists of two pages.

The new event notification system/display/whatever. Look for it in the upper middle part of the screen.

The old scoreboard, some things were changed, but they were really minor.

P.S. I host gameplay sessions almost every day, so if you want to hop in (or just check whether the server is on or not), here is the IP:

P.P.S. Since the gamemode is nearing release, I’ll gladly give it to people to host beta servers.

Yay! This gamemode was really fun when I played it before. Definitely gotta go play it again.

Wow, this looks like a very unique and highly fun gamemode!

Its back!!! :dance:

Leetnoob, Do you know why that old guy in the video was so creepy?

new release?

hopefully people can actually learn to play properly this time.

Nice, can’t wait to put dead bodies on the mailbox all over again.


Woo! Let’s do it!

Sent you a link to the gamemode, go hoST IT.

go put some bodies inside a mailbox
(click to connect)

Game on! Deception’s back, finally :smiley:

I really miss streetlamp and gate parkour, I might hop on later



Nice work.

Playing it well like last time, I still do not know how I see who’s really the agents and get it right…Hmm.
Can’t wait to drown myself in the popularity :U

Would love to host this. (On a minigame server)

how the hell is this a minigame
also it won’t be compatible

This is a game that includes rounds, therefor can be incorporated in a fretta type server.

Not entirely sure what you mean by not being compatible, could you elaborate on that?

Definitely will try this out.

obviously wouldn’t it need to be coded in to define what is a round end?
also you still didn’t say how it’s a minigame