Deception - Yes... Another Interactive Comic

Well yes this is another fucking interactive :smug:

**Trevor is the average office worker who happens to have concealed tallents that have yet to be discovered… Trevor is employed by the biggest dick head in town, John. After a long day at work he returns home to find his wife murdered in her very own bed. He has no possible thought on who would want to do this to his wife. He also notices his daughter is missing. He finds a note on his telephone right before calling the police. **

Yes there is a recap below. Put with pictures! Yes the filters we’re mean’t to be there. I gave it a sense of the “watching” feeling. I didn’t filter rape this time! Or atleast I don’t think I did.

First comic… I’m super ceral. Oh and it’s 12AM so if there are spelling errors I apologize.

You can’t call the police or tell anyone about the situation. What do you do?

Leave and head to the nearest gun store and buy a shotgun.

No quest of revenge is complete without a shotgun!

i like the black and white effect

Holy shit I just realized he looks like Keanu Reeves in the first frame.

Alright, take a look at all the people you’ve pissed off recently.

Then look around for a weapon of some kind, preferably something threatening.

Grab the Spas shotgun and shoot your best friend Daniel.


To avoid the annoyance of having to do annoying little tasks to get money to buy a better gun.

QUICK, akimbo the UMP and the MP5 and blam that mofo with the snowman head behind you!

What do you do now?


Shoot Danny, take the best gun on the shelf.

Shoot Daniel in the face.

You can’t shoot daniel! He’s one of those non-killable players!

Lame. Do it anyway; he’s a schmuck.

Shoot him anyway, he’s your best friend and he won’t give you an awesome gun? What a tool.

go to your next objective

He seems a rather happy guy for someon who’s wife just got murdered, you don’t care about your daughter go rampage.

Kill Daniel and take the other guns and put them in storage. Fuck buying them later.

Tell your friend of the bad news. Ask him to join forces, you could use the firepower.

Hmm…this looks awfully familiar…

Cant put my finger on it though…

Where have I seen this…