Deciding what the client should draw

Is it possible to force a player to only see something in a table or some other way, so it draws some stuff and not others? This is probably impossible but I would like to know if you can. Thanks.

Your question is a little vague and confusing. Like, you can set entities invisible as well as changing their models, but what exactly are you trying to do?

I want you to have one set of entities that you can see and ones you cannot. But I would like it to be clientside because I would like players be able to choose between the two.


Entity set 1 (to be invisible):


Entity set 2 (to be visible):


Can this be done in the client?

Yep. Bear in mind though that the client while the client sees certain entities as invisible, that doesn’t affect how other players view the same entity.

I think that’s what he wants.

Yeah that is definitely what I want, thanks guys!

In which case, this is probably the best way…

Wow, I didn’t see that function. Thanks!