Deck 16 from Unreal / Reply with your own maps

Hello, I would like to create a thread and showcase my own work. I have been working on “remastering” old Arena Shooter style maps from various games and I have already begun work on two different maps. One being “The Camping Grounds” as its known in Q3 or its map name Q3DM6, and Deck 16 from Unreal Tournament. I do not have HLA and do not have access to HLA’s assets so I had to make my own. I would love to see everyone else’s work as well. Please reply below what you are working on.
For anyone that is interested, here is an update. I removed the underwhelming textures and created some flat matte color textures like that of Warsow/other old Quake Mods. UPDATE:


I love this art style, reminds me of space engineer or infinifactory, please add a treadmill somewhere.

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Yes good idea, I have a few places that would work.

Another Update for anyone who is interested :


Honestly as I said in the discord call before, its looking really nice and can’t wait to see it grow! Good job and keep up the good work!

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hallway update, thats mostly it.

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REALLY dig your style! This is one of my favorite maps as a child and I actually remember getting into map making with the Unreal Editor as a starting point. Love to see where this goes!

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