Declan007, "Hacker"?

I encountered this boy about 4 times in one day, he just kept coming. Everytime he seemed to have the ability to move and swing his axe quite fast.

So you make an account on FP name is Declan007( the hacker ). And you make a youtube account called Declan Hacker and you expect him to get banned?

I don’t quite see the point you are trying to make. None of that is really relevant.

I was about to say “Obvious hacking” but why the hell would you create a facepunch account with the same name, as the person you are reporting?


You’re saying someone named Declan is a hacker. Your name is Declan on FP and YouTube. That’s pretty relevant.

Why would you make a (possibly) new account named after the person you want banned? Why not post it on an account you didn’t make just for getting someone banned?

OP is clearly an autist. such faillllllllll even though the guy he is reporting is a hacker lol

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - BANNED USER))

Alright, detective, you got me. And I would have got away with it…

Possibly he couldn’t think of a FP name and the names he wanted were chosen.

Oh my god what an odd thread. And op why are you being defensive, what you did makes no sense. Who the hell names their account after a hacker they’re reporting. You had no reason to do that. Why would you do that?

Clearly only an idiot would do stuff like this

This really confuses me, Just why?

Yawn. This forum gets worse and worse. What is up with these people?

It will only get much much worse if PewDieF-gPie gets a rust key… incoming horde of screaming 12 year olds—oh wait they are already here.

Oh the irony.

Stay to the point, he has got video proof and got his in-game name to verify and proved the player Declan007 is speed-hacking. Nothing else matters. This person should be banned from playing Rust.

I actually see nothing to suggest any hacking is going on. The “speed hacking” seems to be the regular speed of sprinting and just looks to be a network problem.

You can apply a speed hack to any part of a game, so in this case he applied it to his weapon speed. He was hitting faster than normal with the hatchet.

It looks to me like either he lagged for a moment there and his client sent a bunch of hit commands at once, or he was hitting at a steady rate but the server was overloaded and sent them all in bursts instead.

There’s no proof here that it’s hacking and not a glitch. The server doesn’t regulate the speed of hits, as I’ve had that glitch out once while cutting down trees.

Surely it’s not regular speed? Unless I’m missing a legitimate game mechanic. In the first video when we are both running he is able to catch me and hit me multiple times forcing me to stop and shoot. Any other occasion I am being chased by a player we both run at around the same speed and that doesn’t happen. In the second video he is running at an insane speed. This is just 2 of maybe 4 occasions were the exact same thing occurred. There isn’t one instance of “lag” as you call it, the “lag” is happening multiple times throughout each video.