declines in comment quality in toybox

I’ve noticed that there is a disturbingly sharp decline in post quality when moving from FacePunch to to toybox.

I started this thread so we could share some of the mockeries of the English language and utter immaturity we have found across the toybox. (and because I was bored)

Ill start

“I thot ineded cors and I tryd to spawn it and I am lik omfg I like thes guy but he is anoying”

“Make red ball so hes angrey ragh rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rar raor!”

just plain uninformed idiocy
“That’s because things that aren’t a full mod (and not released by the mod-team) ARE ILLEGAL”

Bound to be the case. Seems the maturity cline follows the same rule. Its a direct result. Just one of those sad truths


while I love the idea of toybox; I think it needs a bit of an overhaul, more widespread use and perhaps a rating system for downloads and comments

Garry’s mod is filled with kids and trolls, it’ll happen.

It was inevitable, the 12 year olds had to find out how to comment in toybox eventually

People are dumb, it’s to be expected.

Can we add a thing that temporarily bans people who’s last 4-5 posts contain more misspelled words than correctly spelled ones?

so go back to like it was in 07?

but the spelling quality of a comment issent diretly related to the valitility to, or analzation of the topic that the comment posseses.
mispelling ≠ intellegence and understanding

an example of this would be the last comment on my list
its spelled perfectly yet its a factual error and therefore an unintellegent comment
another example would be me
I am in english 11 Honors
my grade is a 91
my teacher says i write better than her and frequently uses my essays as example material for her classes
yet i cant spell for shit
and my handwariting is unintellegable

Is it just me or is twelve year olds allot stupider today?

I can’t remember me writing that bad when I was twelve, maybe when I was 9 or 10.

ITT: People with terrible grammar making fun of people with slightly worse grammar.

While you’re at it you may as well say that this thread is for bashing little kids as well. As if we need to beat that dead horse even harder.

Note that most of your typing is actually intelligible.

did you have a stroke or something?

Didn’t have enough time to run it through spellcheck :stuck_out_tongue:

Are kid’s grammar that bad?
I’m not an adult and I doesn’t sound like a complete moron.
A few grammar mistakes though.

… how about we just stop being a bitch about capitalization. i have a habit of capitalizing every word i type… i’m trying to stop this, as i don’t like pissing off admins and moderators due to my lack of resistance of my habit. I hate dealing with little kids that don’t act maturely. some of the people i play with either do the any of the following:
-Break NLR (Roleplay Only)
-Prop Block
-Prop Kill
-Prop Push
-Talk with their Squeaky-ass voice
-Abuse Rights
Among other things, or Behave.


Stupid people do stupid things, it’s the laws of nature.

Ah, here’s me with my 15 year old self, all content with being a grammar nazi.