Decoda as Lua IDE; How to aquire GMod symbols?

I recently discovered Decoda, a Lua IDE / Debugger developed by the guys who are working on Natural Selection 2. I’ve been searching for a Lua IDE for a while now because I find these extremely handy for when my Lua projects grow larger.

Now I’m trying to get decent highlighting for GMod functions working, which should be possible according to the FAQ if GMod supplies a few things:

Does GMod supply these symbol files or something similar? I’m not too knowledgeable in this area so any help would be appreciated.

Nice find, would be interesting to use if possible.

Won’t work, since garry/azui made lots of changes in Lua and removed the API exports from lua_shared.

e: PDBs might work, I’m not too familiar with them. But if I understand them right, garry would be reluctant to release them, since it could expose some GMod functions.

Would be nice. A functional Lua IDE would really improve productivity and debugging efficiency.