Decompile, add helmet, recompile Ghost

Hi! Can someone please help me - i tried to add helmet on Ghost model from Predaaator’s pack ( - ct_gsg9)
Helmet model (called helmet_07.mdl) i took from this release
decompiled player model, helmet, removed glasses and headphones from Ghost, added helmet with gasmask. BUT after compiling it im getting consistency errors about maxs and mins…
Can someone please make this skin without consistency problems? No rigging or something - just add helmet…

Heres some screenshots of how he will look like:

Why Ghost? Cuz he is unique and its weird when u can see 5 Ghosts in the game…

I support this, I will always support this, this needs to be done, and will always need to be done

Don´t mind if after you release this I change the US flag to British?

Looks epic there bro!

did with 3dmax?

You should post in the front section since the model is almost finished and its ingame too (Just with consistency)

So there you can see if someone can fix consistency like me with my Bank Robber

Awesome model

could spend nikolai head to the body of the Russian paratrooper.

you can upload decompiled models (Russian paratrooper and ghost with gasmask) and I will compile

model of nikolai

Russian paratrooper

I support this too

Also if you are willing to do this OP

Can you make it with helmet without helmet and ski mask or without ski mask?

I support both of your ideas!

Guys, im sorry, i dont get - u asking me to do it? Maybe my english isnt that good but i was asking someone to help me with compiling without errors. On screenshots u can see model which cant pass consistency check.

Well if i will learn how to make working player models, ill start a thread here and will do models on requests.

You are great, me and Piwicho support you on this

You will be the new smoki (since the real smoki is busy with life)

Only thing left is how to know how to pass consistency and BAM you are ready to rock CSS

Consistency is a bitch! Someone please tell me how to compile player models right!

Turn SV_Consistency off in your modeling program. Just kidding, Normally its an error with the eyes, but I have no clue in this situation.

Ok, guys, wanna know how to pass consistency check? add “$bbox -13 -13 0 13 13 72” line in ur .QC file. My new problem is weird stretched knees and elbows on the model after compiling…

Sounds like its rigged incorrectly. Pic would be useful.

Bump… Now that we have consistency vanished

We need someone to fix the bones

Will our FP heroes succesfully make the perfect skin? Will my Bank Robber´s consistency will ever be fixed?

Tune up next week for the unknown…