Decompile help

K so I lost the vmf to my CS:S map (derp), and I’m having trouble decompiling my map. It has no_decomp set to 1 so I have to use a cracked version of vmex to decompile it. Even still, vmex is kind of giving me a middle finger. Look:

Writing jb_jail_bigal_1dot7dot2_d.vmf
Decompiling via brushes and planes
Assigning brushes to models
java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0

Weird. I tried using an older version of vmex, and got this:


…java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -32624

The top one is the latest version. Someone please help I’ve been trying for weeks on end to get this to work.
If someone wants to give it a whack at decompiling, i uploaded the bsp here:

You set it to No_decomp set to 1, So you cant get it back.

Once again, I’m using a cracked version of vmex which allows the decompiling of no_decomp 1 maps.

no it doesnt

There is a valuable lesson to be learnt here. On the whole, no one is going to steal a map, so there is not point in protecting it.

Haven’t used entspy myself but I heard it’s what people use to get around your problem.

Yes it does

My problem isn’t that I can’t decompile the map because it has no_decomp set to 1. Read the entire thread thoroughly before you post. The problem is that vmex is getting strange errors that i’ve never seen before. It’s a problem with the map I think, because the vmex I’m using has decompiled other maps fine.

Best bet is to remake the map from scratch. Might be able to improve it as you go.

A hex editor can replace no_decomp 1 with a garbage string so the map decompiles.

The problem here is the brushwork in the map is so garbage that vmex can’t make heads or tails of it. I took a look at the map in-game, and it was pretty awful looking with terrible brushwork. I’m guessing vmex isn’t liking all of the brush based worldspawn spheres and arches in the level. Even my private decompiler chokes on the map, it will only decompile entities.

You’re better off remaking the map, it’s not worth saving.

tried, got this.

cant garuntee that it has everything you need in there cause ive never played your map, but hey, at least i tried. hope it helps.

More valuable lesson to be learnt here: Always back up your work.