Decompile Tool

Whats the decompile tool? And can i get a link?

What are you going to use it for?

We aren’t going to supply you with a means to steal parts of others maps.

Vmex is the program look on google for a link


Note the decompiling stuffs up brushwork and optimization.

Or if that is the only way to recover it due to a harddrive failure or something similiar, it happened to me and I had to Vmex it. Oh the horror. :frown:

Really, now?




Because you’re being unnecessarily cocky.

OK, so idiot was little harsh, but that post was just annoying.

Yes OP was an idiot, but you didn’t have to post that.

I think you’ve misread. I posted him a link to lmgtfy. And a smiley. I’m trying to help him and prevent more topics like these that could be solved with google in the future.

I didn’t misread.

That post is easily interpreted as cocky, hence why I posted.

Cocky? Um, sorry then, I guess. I don’t see how anyone could be cocky about using Google, but w/e.

I think you’re too harsh, laharlsblade really got a point. I’ve seen a lot of threads like this.