Decompiled version of Downtown V2?

Where can i get a decompiled verson of “RP_Downtown_V2”?
I tried decompiling some other versions, but they were protected and for some reason i cant seem to decompile v2.
So if anyone has any info to help me out that would be great! :smiley:

Really, you shouldn’t be decompiling things. It causes so many errors, and if you intend to use parts of the map in your own map, it’s stealing.

However, if you have your reasons, use VMEX.

Everyone here is probably going to tell you that decompiling it is a bad idea. It’s a good enough map as is, but we don’t need any more slightly edited versions out there, and decompiling it will not get you a very good source file to work with.

If you really want to use parts of it, try remaking them yourself first. You’ll probably be able to get what you want without ripping it right out of someone else’s work.


Plus you should ask the author for permission as some tend to still have the error free vmf or would rather you not decompile it

Might just make my own, but make it like Downtown and have the feel to it

Please don’t. We have enough generic city RP maps.

That’s a much better idea.

A better idea would be to make your own map with it’s own feel.

Rather a new city map then a “new”’ flatgrass map

The only valid reason to ever decompile a map is to fix an outstanding issue with it (e.g. giant holes in that let you under the map, or a texture that crashes you if you look at it).

Otherwise, make your own map.

The only valid reason is to learn from it. Even with the above issue, you should speak to the author.


Learning from community decompiled maps is dumb. There’s always tutorials and Valve’s maps to learn from if you’re that desperate. There’s no need to tear apart someone else’s hard work when you could have just googled it for a tutorial or something like that.

Plus, there’s not a lot to learn from the messy file the decompiler makes.