Decompiling a map and recompiling it with HDR

Hi there. This is my first real thread, so please be gentle.

I’m really not that critically experienced with Valve’s Hammer Editor, so I need someone who’s good at what they do to decompile this map for me and recompile it with High Dynamic Range. (HDR)
Here’s the map:

I need this map for an upcoming SFM video that I’ve been working on for a few months now, but maps without HDR don’t really behave like they do in Garry’s Mod. They somehow look worse, even when I try to re-enable the lighting in SFM itself. But doing that is a bit of a crap shoot, because I lose really important things like shadows and Ambient Occlusion.

In theory, it should be a relatively quick and simple process, but unfortunately nothing for me ever seems to be simple. I’m not trying to sound pathetic, but I really don’t have anyone else to help me out.

Big thanks to anyone who is willing to do this for me. If I decide or get requested to release this map, you will be credited to the fullest degree.

Out of curiosity, have you tried contacting the map creator? They might be willing to do it for you or supply you with the vmf, which would make this process exponentially less arduous. Like, literally, I emailed the guy that made gm_floating_islands and he supplied me with the VMF’s so I could turn the abandoned building into habitable ones.

I didn’t consider that. That’s because this upload on the new didn’t yet have the author identified for like the longest time. I just now checked back and he’s apparently been found, so I will take my business up with him. Thank you.